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TheSportzWebs  Guarntee Policy

TheSportzWebs Goal is to help bettors make money by betting on sports

We do not offer a money back policy like some of the other services do, but if TheSportzWeb has a losing performance then we do want to try and make things right.

A lot of people understand that you won’t win every single day, and that hitting for high percentages like 70 -80% for an entire season is not a realistic goal. All you have to shoot for is a season of hitting 55-60% on all of your bets to be successful with us and win a good bit of money during that time.

We often get emails and calls about a handicapper who lost a single pick or on a single day and the client calls the handicapper terrible is just guessing or is an idiot. The aspect of betting that these individuals do not understand is that our services focus on the long haul and not on day-to-day profits. It is simply not possible to hit every single pick, every single day period

Guarantee Policy

1. All Picks are graded using TheSportzWebs Dime System. Our Dime system is a graded system from 1 to 100 Dimes. All Dimes are the equivalent to a $10 Wager in other words 10dimes would be 100$. This allows us to maximize your winning potential by adding higher dime totals to game we feel have a better percentage of winning than others. It also allows use to lose two 5Dime plays and win one 20dime play but still net a profit


2. There is no free time given when a profit has been made. Even if our guys go 1-1, but hit a +150 underdog and lose a -120 favorite, that means you profited 3 Dimes and will not receive any additional passes. Now, if we lose a single dime then you will be given additional time equal to what you purchased.


3. There is only one free pass given per purchase, no matter how much you lost on the package that you bought and even if the free pass you received for the first losing package ended up losing as well. Example If you lose 200 dimes with your original purchased pass and then win 175 during your free term, no more picks will be sent. Also, if you lost 50 dimes on your original purchased pass and then lose 25 dimes on your free term, your subscription still comes to and end at the finish of your free time. Back to back losing days will happen, but our site does not offer more than a single free package of the same term. If you give up after a short term of losses then we wish you all of the best


4. Line Movements You must be aware that lines tend to move and usually in a unfavorable direction. We try to release are pick to you at the best possible times usually we release picks one to two hours before a event starts. Unfortunately during football if you wait until Saturday or Sunday then you are going to be worse off than if you buy early in the week.


5. Free Awarded Packages are based on the sport you made your purchase under. For example, if you purchase a Sunday Football Day pass, which shows a loss, you will receive that handicapper’s next available football pick(s). For packages and subscriptions with multiple sports, you will receive a one day all sports subscription for that handicapper on the next available day that there are picks.


6. The SportzWeb does pass (no picks posted) on occasion. You will be compensated for this. If a package you purchase shows a loss on Monday and the handicapper does not post (or does not have a pick available in the sport you purchased) you subscription carries over until the guarantee is fulfilled.


7. Full season subscriptions are handled differently other subscriptions. There is NO GUARANTEE on seasonal subscriptions. Seasonal subscriptions are provided from our handicappers at a significant discount as compared to their other subscriptions. Please keep this in mind before buying a seasonal subscription.


The reason for this policy is that we want to turn you into a serious investor, and want you to focus on winning over the Long Run.


Posted By Daniel Weber 2013

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